[ someone versatile, making the best out of every situation, with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. ]


literal translations:
survival artist (überlebens-künstler)
about artists of live (über-lebenskünstler)


Humans fascinate me, they always have. Especially when they struggle with society. Traveling through the world for the past two years I’ve met so many of them: Drop outs, emigrants, immigrants, expats, writers, feminists, painters, photographers, yoga teachers, chefs, technicians, singers, travelers, teachers and students, mothers and fathers, environmentalists, coaches, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists and creatives. Überlebenskünstler.


People who refuse to walk the safe path with the quest to follow their dreams, who would rather be broke and fulfilled than rich and miserable. 

People who are constantly struggling with making a living vs. doing what they love. 

People who are driven by passion and coffee to fuel their 80 hour work weeks. 

People who’s CVs are like memory card games. 

People like you and me.


This is about us.

Thank you.