Constanze Neubert

Constanze Neubert

Visual Storytelling

Lifestyle / Portraits / Food

Born and raised in eastern Germany I quickly found my passion to explore different countries and continents, dive deep into cultures, the local food scene and find hidden treasures.
I want to tell s t o r i e s with my photography, make you see more, question more and feel more. I want to find and capture the essence of the moment and show its beauty and authenticity.

For the past 3 years I’ve been documenting the people and places I visit, from home around the world. I've lived and worked in Leipzig, Berlin, Copenhagen and in a Van wandering in Southern Europe.

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Worked with/Published: kimgoeseko.com, bedremode.nu, Fairnica, The Soulfuls, The Heart Space, travelettes.net, Fair Fashion Magazine, Fashion Changers/Ethical Fashion Week Berlin, aasta.dk, unbegabtvegan.de, Vegan Travel, & others.